Title transfer and vehicle registration In New Mexico

Certificate of title must be presented for title transfer. No alterations or erasers will be allowed. If a change has been made (correction, etc.), an Affidavit of Correction will be required to be filled out by the seller, no exceptions. All assignments (Bill of Sale's) must be sequential and in order by assignment by owners/dealers. A dealers invoice is required at all times when registering a vehicle sold by a dealer. Proof of address for the registration and title is required on all transfers made on vehicles. Assignments of title must be in sequential order and all signatures and dates in place on the Bill of Sale. If new owner has an Albuquerque address (Bernalillo County) then an emissions test must completed prior to transfer of title. Current insurance must be presented. It may be faxed to 505-897-0802 before you arrive at Rapid MVD. As of January 2, 2009, excise tax will be charged on the greater of the amount of sale or 80% of the NADA book value. If vehicle is a gift, and Affidavit of Gift must be filled out by the offeror and recipient and notorized. If both offeror and recipient go to Rapid MVD Services & Title, a form may be signed by both and notorized for a fee. Each title transfer is also charged a service fee.